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Children’s Eye Exam Millbourne

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Children’s eye exams in Millbourne

Children's eye exam Millbourne
Children’s eye exam Millbourne

Being proactive when it comes to your child’s vision and eye health is a very good idea. Here at Eye Encounters, we believe in starting early, and with patient, gentle, attentive care, he or she will find our children’s eye exam Millbourne to be a pleasant experience.

Every child should make her or his first visit to our eye doctor by the time he or she starts school for the first time. If you notice any reasons for concern earlier, you shouldn’t even wait that long to take advantage of our children’s eye exam Millbourne. Keep in mind that such important aspects of your child’s life as keeping up in school, social development, and athletic participation are dependent on good vision. Your child may not realize that she or he needs vision correction, so that makes coming in even more essential. If your child needs eyeglasses for correcting nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or some combination of those refractive conditions after our children’s eye exam Millbourne, the prescription will be written and filled right here for optimal convenience. The other part of a pediatric eye exam is screening for common eye diseases, conditions, and abnormalities. Cataracts, glaucoma, double vision, and drooping eyelid will all be included in the evaluation. There are rarely symptoms that your child can tell you about or that you can notice in her or him when eye diseases are in their first stages. And since early detection is associated with more favorable outcomes, getting that initial eye exam is crucial. Afterward, she or he should come in every other year, or more frequently if necessary to monitor an ongoing situation.

Please contact our office and schedule a good time for you to bring your child in for a visit. Eye exams are the cornerstone of good vision and ocular health, both now and in the future.

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