Contacts in Philadelphia

Contacts in Philadelphia

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If you have a vision impairment, you know just how important it is that you are able to see comfortably and clearly every day. Keeping up with your eyesight is often an annual affair and there are plenty of ways in which you can enhance your eyesight and keep your vision clear. Whether you wear glasses or contacts, we can help you here at Eye Encounters. If you are specifically looking to get contacts in Philadelphia, we can offer you the contact lens exam and fitting that you need.

Contacts can be convenient, especially for people who aren’t huge fans of wearing glasses. Contact lenses can make it look as if you have no vision problems at all, and depending on your contacts it may feel as if you aren’t wearing any kind of vision correction at all. Contacts are great for many reasons and they can be versatile, too, but whether you are new to contacts or need to update your supply, you’ll need a contact lens exam. Contact lens exams are different from regular vision exams because several things need to be considered differently. People with certain conditions may not be able to wear contacts at all, so these issues need to be identified before moving further. If all is well, the shape of your eyes will need to be measured and taken into consideration. This will help find contacts that fit correctly and comfortably. Then, we can move onto a fitting. For contacts in Philadelphia, we here at Eye Encounters can provide you with everything you need. Once your exam is over, we can show you what kinds of contact lenses we offer.

Right now, we are even offering a special where you can get an eye exam, contact lens fitting, and 2 boxes of disposable contact lenses for just $129. Whether you’re overdue for an exam or are new to contacts, we can help you get what you need. Call or visit us here at Eye Encounters to get your contacts in Philadelphia today.

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