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Eyeglasses in Philadelphia

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Eyeglasses in Philadelphia
Eyeglasses in Philadelphia

Taking care of your eyes is important, especially if you live with vision impairment. While it may initially sound like a hassle to deal with vision correction appliances and attending yearly exams, these things help you see comfortably and safely every day. Annual eye exams are integral when it comes to keeping up with your vision prescription, and can actually mean a new pair of glasses for a whole new year and a whole new look. Here at Eye Encounters, our eye care team can walk you through our wide selection of eyeglasses in Philadelphia.

Keeping up with your vision prescription can be a bit tricky. Your vision is always subject to change, even if you have lived most of your life with 20/20 vision. The quality of your visual acuity relies on the shape of your corneas. The more perfectly spherical they are, the better your vision is. People with nearsightedness cannot see objects at a distance because their cornea is too conical and reflects light differently than it should. Those with farsightedness cannot see objects up close because their corneas are too flat. This can often happen to adults as they age, even if they never exhibited any signs of vision problems earlier in life. This is because as adults age, their corneas weaken and lose their shape, much like other parts of the human body, and require corrective lenses as a result. But glasses don’t have to be a bore. They can also be seen as a chic fashion accessory. Here at Eye Encounters, our team of opticians can determine your vision prescription and walk you through all of our eyeglass options right here at our optical shop in Philadelphia.

Here at Eye Encounters, we carry a wide variety of contact lenses and designer frames. Some of the designer brand names we carry here at our eyeglasses in Philadelphia include: Polo, Tom Ford, Oakley, DSquared, Prada, Carerra, Dolce & Gabbana, Italee, Kenneth Cole, and more. If you are due for a new set of eyeglass frames, schedule an appointment with us today.

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