Millbourne PA optometrist

Millbourne PA Optometrist

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Glaucoma in Millbourne PA

Millbourne PA optometrist
Millbourne PA optometrist

Glaucoma is an eye disease that can cause serious damage to your optic nerves, vision loss, and even total blindness if it’s not diagnosed and treated quickly. The best way to prevent glaucoma from reaching that stage is to come in for a yearly eye exam here at Eye Encounters. Glaucoma does not reveal any obvious symptoms until it has become advanced, so it is your visit to our Millbourne PA optometrist that makes all the difference.

What causes glaucoma? It begins with your eye fluid; the tears that lubricate your eyes. When more of that fluid is created than your eyes can efficiently drain, it builds up, leading to an increase in the internal pressure of your eyes. And that is glaucoma. This eye disease can also develop as the result of chemical contamination of the eyes or a injury of force. Severe inflammation or infection may also spur the onset of glaucoma. If you have a family history of it, you are far more likely to develop it, though it can affect anyone, regardless of circumstances. The baseline test for glaucoma is called tonometry. Our Millbourne PA optometrist will use it to measure your internal eye pressure. Additional testing may be needed to form a certain conclusion, and can include taking digital photographs of your retina. Symptoms that you should be aware of, and which would indicate potentially advanced glaucoma, are loss of vision, eye redness, halos surrounding light in your field of vision, tunnel vision, eye pain, eye haziness, and nausea and vomiting. Do not hesitate to take action. There are effective treatments for glaucoma that are successful in reducing or eliminating the fluid balance.

Call our Millbourne PA optometrist office to schedule an eye exam, either for your annual checkup, or if you are noticing possible indications of glaucoma.

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