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Millbourne Reading Glassses

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Reading Glasses in Millbourne

Millbourne Reading Glassses
Millbourne Reading Glassses

Eye Encounters provides patients with Millbourne reading glasses so that they can see better and more clearly, every day. We’re now offering two pairs of eyeglasses from $79.00, which includes a complete exam as well as lenses. We’re also offering two boxes of disposable contact lenses for $129, which includes an exam and contact lens fitting. We also accept a wide range of insurances.

Most patients use Millbourne reading glasses because they can see far distances, but not close up. As people age their eyes begin to change, and many patients need reading glasses to see more clearly close up. This is called farsightedness, in which the patient can see far, but not close. Besides reading glasses and regular glasses, we also perform contact lens exams and fittings. Your contact lens fitting is a special test that measures the circumference and diameter of the eye in order to properly fit comfortable lenses in.
Patients should come in at least once a year for a contact lens exam to update their prescription. Although prescriptions for glasses can go out for longer than a year, a contact lens prescription usually lasts for a year to ensure proper prescription is given.

Before prescribing your Millbourne reading glasses we will do a comprehensive exam in which we check for any eye diseases, as well as a test for vision correction. All common vision conditions can be corrected with contact lenses or eyeglasses. Your contact lens prescription is done in office and given to you on site. We carry a wide range of designer brand names in both contacts and eyeglasses as well. Check out any of our locations throughout Philadelphia, which are all easy to get to, provide plenty of parking, and open during convenient hours in order to service all of our patients and clientele.

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