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Dry eyes in Philadelphia

Do you find that your eyes become more irritated and scratchy? Is your vision intermittently blurred? If so, you may be experiencing problems with dry eyes. At Eye Encounters, our optometrist in Philadelphia can examine your eyes and let you know if you are having problems with dry eye – an eye problem that can be easily corrected.

When a patient suffers with dry eye, they either create an insufficient amount of tears, or have tears which simply are not of a good enough quality to keep their eyes lubricated and well-nourished. If you are found to have a mild to moderate case of dry eye, our eye doctor can write a prescription for you for eye drops which will have your eyes feeling better again. These eye drops will help your eyes to see clearly, and no longer be blurred from the constant dryness of the winter months. Dry eye in itself is not a serious condition. However, if a patient’s eyes are constantly too dry, permanent damage can be done to the cornea. So you never want to leave dry eye untreated.

For an appointment to see our optometrist in Philadelphia regarding treatment for dry eye, contact us today.

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