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Importance of a yearly eye examination in Philadelphia

Philadelphia eye screening
Philadelphia eye screening

At Eye Encounters, our main focus is providing full-scope optometric services with an emphasis on total eye care for the whole family. For many, this begins with a Philadelphia eye screening or eye exam. Although they sound similar, it’s important to note that an eye exam is not the same as vision screening

Vision screenings, for example, are relatively short examinations that can indicate the presence of a vision problem or a potential vision problem. A vision screening cannot diagnose exactly what is wrong with your eyes; instead, it can indicate that you may need a more comprehensive eye examination. A vision screening may also include testing of your eye’s reaction to light, muscle coordination, or by viewing simple images and graphs that could reveal colorblindness or other hidden problems. The vision test you take to get your driver’s license is an example of a vision screening. During an eye exam, however, each patient will be evaluated much more comprehensively. For example, a refraction slit lamp, intraocular pressure, and a retinal exam is included. We will also test visual acuity, eye tracking and focusing skills, as well as detect problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, amblyopia, crossed eyes, dyslexia, and color blindness during your eye exam. Our team of caring optometrists will also check for eye disease, as well as assess how your eyes work together, and evaluate your eyes as an indicator of your overall health. In addition to helping detect developing conditions, regular Philadelphia eye screenings are also important to check on how your vision is functioning. If you use prescription contact lenses or eyeglasses, you should especially be visiting your optometrist for eye exams so that you can be sure your current optical prescription is up-to-date.

At Eye Encounters, when it comes to your eye health, we look at the big picture. But we never lose sight of you in it. It’s important to get your eyes examined regularly by our optometrist, with both a simple vision screening as well as comprehensive eye exam. Call our office today if you have further questions regarding either of these services, or to schedule an appointment for a Philadelphia eye screening.

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