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Philadelphia Eyeglasses

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Designer eyeglasses in Philadelphia

Philadelphia eyeglasses
Philadelphia eyeglasses

When the sun is strong, it can be difficult to see without squinting. Sure, it can be a nuisance, but it can also be dangerous. Bright light and glare can make it difficult to see, causing excessive squinting and blinking. It can also be temporarily blinding, and overexposure can lead to eye health issues. Here at Eye Encounters, we can help you find the Philadelphia eyeglasses you need, including designer frames and lenses with UV and brightness protection.

Sunglasses are good for a lot of things, though people tend to associate them with style. With designer sunglasses, you can certainly keep up with the latest trends and hottest styles, but sunglasses can actually do a lot for your vision and your general eye health. When it’s bright out, you may find that you’re often squinting and shielding your face in order to see more clearly. For the most part, the pupil can dilate according to how much light there is in order to improve your vision, but when it’s really bright outside your pupil may not be able to reduce in size as much as necessary. Wearing sunglasses can help improve your eyesight by helping your pupils control the amount of light your eyes are processing, thus helping with side effects like eye strain or headaches. Sunlight can also harm your eye health in other ways though, especially since UV rays can do their fair share of damage. UV protected Philadelphia eyeglasses from Eye Encounters can help you keep your eyes healthy as well as working comfortably. Here at our optical shop, you can get prescription or nonprescription sunglasses in designer styles or more affordable brands. Some of the name brands we carry include Prada, Polo, Oakley, Dolce & Gabbana, Kenneth Cole, and more.

To protect your eyes from damage and bright light, consider visiting us here at Eye Encounters. We can offer you the eye care and Philadelphia eyeglasses you need to see comfortably and clearly every day.

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