Philadelphia eyeglasses

Philadelphia Eyeglasses

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Importance of well-fitted glasses and up to date optical prescriptions in Philadelphia

Philadelphia eyeglasses
Philadelphia eyeglasses

At Eye Encounters, our eye doctor always makes sure you have the right prescription so that your eyes are not strained. The wrong Philadelphia eyeglasses prescription can cause headaches. That’s why our eyeglass selection varies and is designed to fit our patient’s needs. Our contact lenses come in many different types such as those designed to be daily disposable and those for astigmatism as well as extended wear lenses. We also carry soft or hard contact lenses.

Our Philadelphia eyeglasses include contacts with the latest toric and multifocal designs. These are the next generation of contact lenses, with the most commonly prescribed lenses being soft contact lenses because of their comfort level and versatility. Soft contacts can now be prescribed for patients with astigmatism. In the past, patients with astigmatism could not wear soft contact lenses but thanks to advances in technology they now can. Types of soft contact lenses include daily wear contacts, extended contacts and disposables. Daily wear contacts can be worn for up to 12 hours, removed each night and cleaned, and then used again the next day. Extended wear contacts can be worn flexibly and for longer periods of time.

Our hard contact lenses are also known as rigid or gas-permeable (GP) lenses. They offer wearers the benefit of sharper vision. GP lenses correct astigmatism or nearsightedness and are versatile and sharp. Well-fitted Philadelphia eyeglasses are important so that they stay on the face and are comfortable. We will fit you specially for your contact lenses and glasses to ensure that the correct prescription is given, one that specifically fits your eye shape and needs Having the right prescription is key to having comfortable fitting contacts and eyeglasses, without the dryness that traditional lenses of the past may have had. Call Eye Encounters for more information and to have your prescription updated.

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