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Philadelphia Glaucoma Doctor
Philadelphia Glaucoma Doctor

Taking care of your eye health is vital. In order to make sure that everything is in check, it helps to know your general family medical history and to secure annual checkups and exams. One thing you should remember to include is to get comprehensive eye care, as it can be essential when it comes to protecting yourself from diseases such as glaucoma. Here at Eye Encounters, our Philadelphia glaucoma doctor can provide you with everything you need from diagnostic testing to treatment options.

Glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness in the United States, and perhaps the scariest thing about it is that it does not always yield noticeable signs or symptoms to the person suffering from the condition until vision damage or vision loss begins to occur. Many people tend to put off visiting the eye doctor and various other specialists, believing that the only time they really need to schedule a visit is when they see that something may be wrong or when they are experiencing certain symptoms or side effects. But many eye diseases have no such warning signs, at least not outside of an eye exam. Glaucoma is not easily detected early on by those suffering from it, but it can easily be spotted during a comprehensive eye exam when your inner intraocular eye pressure is measured. Glaucoma occurs when inner eye pressure is high and damages the optical nerve over time. If our Philadelphia glaucoma doctor here at Eye Encounters can tell whether your eye pressure is high early on, treatment can be administered as soon as possible and vision loss or damage can be avoided. You may be at risk for developing glaucoma if you have a family medical history of the condition, if you have diabetes, if your eyes have suffered from prolonged sun exposure or if you are over or around the age of 65.

Regardless of risk factors, anyone can get an eye disease. Here at Eye Encounters, our Philadelphia eye doctor can provide you with the diagnostic tests and the treatment options that you will need in order to treat this condition and preserve your vision so call us today.

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