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Comprehensive Eye Testing in Philadelphia PA

Philadelphia PA Optometrist
Philadelphia PA Optometrist

Eye exams and vision tests can tell you a lot about your eye health and the quality of your eyesight. Here at Eye Encounters, our Philadelphia PA optometrist can provide you with comprehensive eye testing, accurate diagnoses, and provide you with any treatment you need if you happen to have eye issues or other concerns.

People of all ages should have their eyes and their vision checked once a year. Not everyone realizes just how important annual eye exams really are. In fact, many people only ever see their eye doctor when they experience an emergency or have any other trouble and concerns such as changes in the quality of their eyesight or symptoms that may indicate the presence of an eye infection. While these are certainly great reasons to see your eye doctor, these should not be the only times you ever seek out routine eye care. Sure, our Philadelphia PA optometrist can provide you with treatment if you need to update your glasses prescription or if you believe you have pinkeye, but annual eye exams can play an important role when it comes to identifying your risk for eye diseases and other problems. In fact, many diseases, such as glaucoma which is the leading cause of blindness in United States, do not yield obvious symptoms outside of an eye exam. Here at Eye Encounters, we can track your visual acuity, assess your risk for disease, treat chronic conditions and allergies, and provide you with treatment for other issues that you may be experiencing with your eye health or your eyesight.

If it has been more than a year since your last eye exam, then please call us here at Eye Encounters as soon as you can to book an appointment with our Philadelphia PA optometrist. The sooner you keep up with your eye health, the more likely you can make sure that it is taken care of for years to come.

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