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Sunglasses in Millbourne

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Designer Sunglasses in Millbourne

Sunglasses in Millbourne
Sunglasses in Millbourne

Vision is one of the most important senses that bring us information about and help us to navigate through the world. Since the human eye is made up of a complex group of intricate parts that all need to function together to produce a clear image there is a need to continually protect the eye from potential harm. The eye can suffer damage from many different things including too much exposure to the sun and its rays. The doctors at our Eye Encounters practice urge residents to wear sunglasses in Millbourne to help protect their eyes.

Sunglasses in Millbourne protect the eyes in several different ways. Too much exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can increase the possibility of developing many age-related eye disorders including macular degeneration and cataracts. Quality sunglasses from our practice can reduce 100 percent of the UV-A and UV-B rays reaching the eyes, they also help protect the skin around the eyes from sun damage such as the formation of wrinkles. Another problem is glare from reflected sunlight, which can interfere with vision especially while driving. Sunglasses with polarized lenses are very effective in reducing glare. Sunglasses also help protect your eyes from wind, dust and debris that can irritate the eyes and interfere with vision. Quality sunglasses can also help reduce headaches and eyestrain by regulating the amount of ambient light reaching the retina.

Despite all the protective qualities of our sunglasses in Millbourne we know that it is also extremely important that they look good. Our optical shop stocks the latest frames from many of the world’s hottest designers, including Polo, Oakley, Tom Ford, DSquared, Carrerea, D&G, Italee and Kenneth Cole among others. Our optical staff can turn these eyeglass frames into fashion sunglasses that reflect your own sense of style. So, don’t squint when you head outdoors put on a pair of designer sunglasses from Eye Encounters and look great while protecting your eyes.

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